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Show Synopsis

Battery Park is a character-driven, gritty, NY-based serialized polie drama which follows the exploits and non-traditional lifestyles of our ace NYPD homicide detective, Andy (Andrea) Temple, and ex-cop-turned-PI, Tommy DiGrassi.

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Battery Park's genre occupies what can be termed the next generation of crime drama – with the urban attitude of The Wire, the sexual bravery and family dysfunction of Shameless and the intricate, interwoven, grisly crime storylines of The Killing.

The series satisfies the craving for urban, gritty fare, while offering a story structure chock full of intrigue, mystery and cliffhangers, which exist in equal proportion within parallel-running crime and personal storylines.   Additionally, the audience demographic for Battery Park sits neatly within the current cable/internet/on-demand viewers who have popularized shows with alternative voices and lifestyles like Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad. We will attract rabid fan bases similar to those of the aforementioned shows.

Like all affecting TV dramas, Battery Park will not only entertain and captivate, it will also operate as a vehicle to represent and interpret the current human experience in our country's most culturally diverse and vibrant city. On a larger level, Battery Park will accurately and viscerally embody the human urban experience by boldly tackling potent current themes, cultures and behaviors of New York City life.

By satisfying our entertainment appetite and exploring NYC's diverse culture, Battery Park will inspire thought and conversation over the shocking, the violent, the warm and humanly funny moments that occur in our story. Meanwhile, each season arc will simultaneously tap into the deeper relevant burning questions that surround race, religion, sexual orientation, haters, poverty, family, death, drugs, corruption and homicide – all features which are amplified in the hotbed of downtown New York City's First Precinct.


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