Battery Park Shoot Day Four

bennie_flashShoot day 4 was another hot one – but thankfully we were situated along the water.  And it was full of funny moments — including the above shocking display of well…displays…from Matthew Mark Meyer (aka “Bennie the Shit”)

It was, to be sure, one of the nicest actor holding areas EVER!  Sah-weeeeet! battery_gardens_holding

and a hella view-licious crew Basecamp, too…tent


Here Drew Lewis (as Patrolman Welch) gives Andy (aka Annunziata Gianzero) chase after a gruesome piece of evidence turns up in a local bathroom.


Hours later, our “crafty” Art Director Miriam Brandt earned the nickname “Zucchinus” after she on-the-fly fashioned a penis out of a zucchini and a mushroom. And she looks so innocent here. no?  (with makeup’s Mandy MacDonald)…miriam and mandy


In other tales of last-minute saves, we lost one of our Asian park-goers at the last minute so Mandy turns to us and says, “You need an Asian lady?  My mom’s an actress…I can get her here for calltime!”  For reals – and isn’t she cute?mandys_mom


And this is how we roll at dusk with 1st AD Tiffany Brown pictured to the right of Matthew Mark Meyer, Nunzi and Markgang at dusk lg

By the end of the night, the punchy crew was jammin’ to the beats on the party boats cruising the Hudson in the background…below is just a snippet of the impromptu jam snapped on an iphone. Dancin’ crew members Anthony Marrero, Mandy MacDonald, Miriam Brandt, and Bennie Road celebrate the moments before wrap:

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