Battery Park Shoot Day One!



The gang’s all here and the shoot is underway with a balls out action riot sequence in the South Bronx…in a heat wave!

Overheard on the set today (on the streets of the South Bronx)…
from the locals —

Bystander1: So what is this a show for HBO?

Bystander2: (emphatically) Showtime!


Pictured above: actors Pierre Jean Gonzalez and Ken Marks as the vic and the cop (respectively) as Jay Seals watches the action from the patrol car.


And below Patrolman Rizzo (actor Jay Seals) and director Mark Wilkinson discuss the mechanics of the high-paced action sequence.

Here actor Nick Salamone (as Tommy DiGrassi) pullin his best retro 1997 cop face – I call this one “Serpico on rye”:B007_C006_07151V


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